Oxon Survivor Pathway

The Survivor Pathway is primarily a guide for anyone wanting to know more about specialist sexual violence services.

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A referral pathway for rape and any kind of sexual or abuse

The guide will:

  • Make it easier to access relevant support for every survivor of rape of sexual assault
  • Give survivors more informed choices about the services available
  • Reassure and assist professionals and concerned others about the services available for survivors.

What can this Pathway do for you?

The Pathway is designed to help the survivor or the supporter to consider options, ensure safety is paramount, reflect on what could be useful and provide information on how to access services.

Please remember:

Anyone who has experienced rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their life needs to be involved in decisions about what happens next, to be informed enough to make their own choices and to have as much control as possible over their journey.

A note about language:

Throughout this site the phrase survivor has been used to describe someone who has experienced rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse. Some services may also use the word victim, especially in police contexts.

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